“Just remember that the things you put into your head are there forever, he said.  You might want to think about that”—Cormac McCarthy, The Road.

Chikugo Sashi / Iyo Renbo

Two short pieces from the zen music repertoire (honkyoku).


Meditations #19 and #20

January 24, 2010

“The sound of the water says what I think”—Chuang Tzu.

Shakuhachi improvisations.  Meditations #19 and #20

Meditation #18

January 17, 2010

“Well, Al, I don’t know.  I guess I would have to say it would be because … if I didn’t, who would I be when I listened to a piece of music?”—Frank Serpico, when Al Pacino asked him why.

A shakuhachi improvisation.  Meditations #18

“Sanya Sugagaki”

January 10, 2010

“To achieve personal peace in active joy in this century [twentieth] perhaps more than any other has meant dropping out of the current power structure.  Since the Second World War for many men this has meant finding a viable alternative to the dragging decay of Christian capitalist democracy and the delusions of extreme leftist reform associated with the Depression and the Thirties.  In the Forties and Fifties this alternative consisted in forms of ideological refusal to held captive by the history of the West”—Eric Mottram, Introduction to The Scripture of the Golden Eternity by Jack Kerouac (1970).

Sanya Sugagaki

“Sue no Chigiri”

January 3, 2010

“That’s what we all are.  Amateurs.  We don’t live long enough to be anything else”—Charlie Chaplin.

Sue no Chigiri

Recorded in Osaka, Japan, June 14, 2008, featuring Nakano Mikiko (shamisen and vocals) and Kurahashi Ayako (koto).  Introduction by Kurahashi Yodo II.